Shanti Bee Yoga Class Timetable Spring & Summer 2024

Classes are usually priced at £8.00. If you are out of work, a student or just struggling financially, you can claim your concession rate code by clicking here and enjoy the class for £6.00.

If you’ve already been provided with a code, book your class below and enter that code when asked to “Redeem Coupon”, just before you would make your payment.

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Practitioners & groups can hire our space outside of our timetable offerings. Keep in the loop with special events and workshops @shantibeeshanti or in our Facebook Group.

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How to use

For more information about any class below, click the name of the class to open the individual class page with all of the details you’ll be looking for.

In order to book your space online, click ‘Book Class’ to open the booking system. If you have a discount code, class pass or similar, redeem your code when prompted.

*2.9% of your payment is a processing fee and is now non-refundable on all transactions.

Class Codes

Classes fit into these categories:

*Please consider that people have different views of what ‘energetic or gentle’ is, but this is our guide for our sessions. Some classes do vary week to week.

Beginner Friendly = B

Energetic/Strong/Yang = E

Gentle Flow/Slower Paced/Balance = G

Slow Restorative / more stillness/Yin = S

Beginner Friendly Nourishing Flow with Kitty09:30 – 10:30 In Centre {B,G}Book Class
Parent & Baby Yoga with Kitty11:00 - 12:30In Centre {B,G}Book Class
*FoSB Wellbeing Circle with Rosie M or Lisa13:30 - 15:00In Centre {B,S}Book Class
Strong Vinyasa Flow with Terri17:45 - 18:45In Centre {E}Book Class
Gentle Flow with Emma19:00 - 20:00In Centre {B,G}Book Class
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Beginner Friendly Gentle Hatha Yoga with Lisa*12:00-13:00In Centre {B,G}Book Class
Vinyasa Flow with Stacey17:45-18:45In Centre {E}Book Class
Visit 'Other Events' page for Tuesday evening workshops19:00-20:00Book Class
Energy Breathwork & Flow for all with Rosie M **09:30 - 10:45In Centre {B,E}Book Class
Restorative Physio Led Pilates with Tal11:00 - 12:00In Centre {B,G}Book Class
Ashtanga Yoga with Helen17:45-18:45In Centre {E}Book Class
Candlelit Yin with Rosie E19:00-20:00In Centre {B,S}Book Class
Wake Up morning Flow with Amy07:30 - 08:30In Centre {E}Book Class
Rocket Fundamentals with Tammie17.45 - 18.45In Centre {E}Book Class
Kundalini Yoga with Lindsay19:00-20:15In Centre {B,E,G}Book Class
Mum & Baby Pilates with Tal09:30 - 10:45In Centre {B,G}Book Class
Vinyasa Flow with Rosie E17:30-18:30In Centre {E}Book Class
Vinyasa flow with Poppy09:45-10:45In Centre {G}Book Class
Conscious Flow with Fay11:00-12:30In Centre {B,E}Book Class
*Prenatal Yoga with Fi17:30 - 18:30In Centre {B,G}Book Class

A monthly unlimited class pass for £55 - this is valid for a 30 day period or one chosen calendar month.

Or to pay weekly for £14 on a rolling subscription click here.
A ten class pass costs £50 and can be used over a two month period.
Awakening Offer - £45
This includes 5 classes and 1 therapy session 

 *This is a one off offer - Use it to get back into your practice, treat yourself, find out about Shanti Bee or if you like you can gift it to a loved one, but use it wisely - it might not be here forever!
 Our awakening 'introductory' offer allows you to choose 5-classes and one therapy (Monday - Friday) from our schedule.
 From purchase, you must book all of your allocated wellbeing within one month of purchase.
 *Our therapists do get very booked up so check their availability before you commit to this - you don't need to use your therapy in the specified period, but you do need to book it!

When you have bought your pass our booking system will generate a code for you (we advise to create an account), you then book into each class you want to attend. 

One person's name must be on the pass - but it is not restricted to one person using it - sharing is caring.

If you cancel any sessions you book with us our system does not automatically refund you. Sorry about this, we are working on it!
If you cancel a class within 6-hours, or a therapy within 24-hours we can refund you of course - it really helps us if you could drop us a little message to let us know what you need refunding. You can do this on Messenger, or via email on
If you cancel outside of the times stated in our terms, we reserve the right to not refund the amount.