Shanti Bees

We want to build a community space where health and wellness are foremost and where individuals support each other in personal and emotional development.  A place where love and respect for ourselves and each other are the guiding principles.
We very much all chip in to make Shanti Bee happen – you may see some of these faces at the centre, others support from afar.

Our Directors & Volunteers

Rosie: Director / Therapist / Yoga Teacher

Rosie has been a Director of Shanti Bee since 2016. She is the Manager of the centre, a Therapist and teaches classes on Wednesdays & Thursdays.

She’s been teaching for twelve years and is an advocate for yoga for better mental health.

If Rosie is not at Shanti Bee you might find her on the beach!
She’s a Virgo, Earth sign – (loves to plan an event for anything). Drawn to water you’ll often find her on the beach.

Rachel: social media Manager

Rachel started at Shanti Bee in 2021 volunteering alongside her English Degree.  She’s now running the social show. 

Rachel does still volunteer a lot of time, but also works in a free-lancer capacity.

She’s since graduated and moved to Leeds but works remotely and comes back to see us all the time. 

Shanti Bee Volunteer Chris
Chris: Website Volunteer

Chris has been with Shanti Bee since 2020. He helped set up the website and booking system and get Shanti ‘online’ during lockdown! He continues to volunteer on ad-hoc projects.

Fay: Website Volunteer

Fay is our most recent volunteer! (2023) She is an established web designer and all round business development person based in Chester le Street and will be running the Shanti bee site from now on!

Shanti Bee Director Lauren
Lauren: Non-Executive Director

Lauren has been a Director of Shanti Bee since 2016. Her Gemini characteristics make her a super social bee!

Her experience in child development, holistic health in children and yoga drew her to supporting the development, which she continues to do today. 

Shanti Bee Volunteer Viola
Viola: Events and Centre Support

Viola volunteers at the centre as and when she can. As a trainee- Mindfulness practitioner her passion lies in facilitating, and hosting – so you will often catch Viola as social events.

Our Barry

Shanti Bee Buddah Barry
Barry The Buddah: Long Time Barry

He’s been with us since we were just a seed. Named Barry by Peggy, Rosie’s daughter who’s always at the centre.