Welcome to Shanti Bee

We offer Yoga & Mindfulness, Therapies & Events from our home in South Heaton, just a short distance from Byker and Chillingham Road Metro stations. We offer affordable services because health is wealth and should not only be a luxury.

Shanti Bee started as a way to support health practitioners in Newcastle upon Tyne provide their services to the community. Since, we’ve grown to offer a range of well being classes, therapies, event spaces and bespoke community health offerings. 

As a group, we organise activities with an emphasis on improved health and wellbeing. 

Our well being scheme Friends of Shanti Bee is free for those who could not afford to use these services otherwise, and gives access to well being courses.

Shanti Bee is supported by volunteers and community investment. 

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Our Values

Our values are at the root of everything we do.

In an essence we are a group of caring individuals all drawn to making holistic health accessible.

We, like everyone, are learning as we go and whilst these values are consistent and rooted, we are also flexible.

We hope the organisation develops along side those communities who access it.


Community is at the heart of everything we do. Where would be without each other?

With our activities we hope to inspire, support and empower people to explore holistic health lifestyle choices; improving quality of life and therefore our interactions with one and other.

We value and respect each person as an independent individual who has the power to explore their own wellbeing choices.


We respect and value diversity.

We hold a space that is inclusive to all. We strive to always include people who might otherwise be excluded from, or experience barriers to, accessing wellbeing services.

Shanti Bee is committed to making holistic health accessible. Specifically aiming to provide services that support those at risk of, or suffering from, mental health illnesses and social isolation.


We aspire to fairness between all.

We have complete respect for anyone inside and outside of Shanti Bee

Our actions stem from our ethical principles.  We are open and transparent in our actions.

As a Community Interest Company we have a commitment to our community and we will honour that in any way we can.