Friends of Shanti Bee Open Day 2024

A series of workshops designed to support individuals with chronic ill health.  Saturday 20th January 2023  9am – 6pm. 

Our Friends of Shanti Bee scheme supports individuals that are managing emotional or physical health concerns and seek holistic health support.  You can sign up here.

This event is open to both current and new members. Booking is essential. You can join one session or come along for the full day.  

Throughout the day there will be Four 60-minute Workshop Style sessions with our experienced teachers, alongside 30-minuite sessions with therapists.  The sessions with therapists are limited, and so please do book on to avoid disappointment and if for any reason you cannot make your session, please do let us know to cancel as their will be a wait list.  

Sessions & Lunch*

Sessions throughout the day will support your wellbeing with numerus health benefits – importantly activities act to slow the parasympathetic nervous system, deeply supporting rest and allowing individuals to feel calm and happy.  

Each group session at the event is limited to 14 people.  Usually, the FoSB classes and workshops we host are limited to 12, to ensure a smaller group but we would like to open it a little more for this event.  

yoga laura

The content of FoSB focused classes and courses is geared to support individuals using techniques to help them in feeling happy and well. 

*A light lunch, we will be providing vegan sushi, from @veganatonmy – if you are staying for lunch, please let us know by ticking the box as you make your bookings for sessions and/or therapies.


11.00 – 12.00: Be Here with Rosie  

Join Rosie for a grounding and balancing welcome to the day. This session will combine gentle movement, a cleansing breathwork practice and offer an introduction to Mantra to start your day at Shanti Bee.  A session to bring you into the space cultivating inner balance.  This class is open to all levels. 

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12.15 – 13.15: Winter Serenity Yoga with Sarah  

A nurturing Winter Serenity Yoga class, designed to help you find inner peace, rest and recharge during the colder months. Our trauma-informed approach ensures that the practice is accessible and gentle, with a focus on self-compassion and mindfulness. Through gentle movement and stretches, breath-work, and guided meditation, you’ll release tension and rekindle your inner light. Join us and find serenity, strength, and community in the heart of the season’s embrace. This class is open to all levels.  

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13.30 – 14.30: A light lunch

We will be providing vegan sushi, from @veganatonmy – if you are staying for lunch, please let us know so as we know how many people to provide for. Over lunch Lorna will be holding a circle, in which we can informally chat while enjoying some light food.  

Tick the box to say you’re staying for lunch when you book your sessions and/or therapies. Everyone is welcome!

15.00 – 16.00: Restorative Yoga and Hypnotherapy 

A deeply soothing Restorative Yoga practice where we focus on coming into the body and finding a place of rest within ourselves. We’ll be using props to help the body get into spaces of complete comfort so that you can be fully held and supported. The class will end with a guided self-esteem hypnotherapy session so that you’ll leave feeling the nurturing effects long after you step off the mat. 

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16.15 – 17.15: Yin Yoga + Yoga Nidra for Inner Harmony with Kitty 

Join us for a gentle and nourishing session. Expect to go slow and to dive deeper into poses (using lots of props to keep nice and supported), long-held yin yoga poses target the deep connective tissues and help release tension both physically and emotionally. We’ll close with a Yoga Nidra (yogic sleep) relaxation. This combination of yin yoga and yoga Nidra cultivates a sense of stillness, tranquillity, and inner harmony.  This class is open to all levels.  

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1:1 Taster Therapies

We offer a range of 1:1 holistic therapy sessions Monday – Friday at Shanti Bee.

For our open day you can book in for a 30-minute taster session with one of our experienced therapists to try out what they offer or ask them a few questions 1:1.* 

Therapies are donation-based, you can donate on the day via cash or card.


Nat: 09:00 – 11:00

With Nat you can book yourself 30 min of massage with preblended oils. You can expect leaving the room lighter, more at peace and with clearer mind. The massage covers scalp, neck, shoulders and back. Lighter shoulders guarantee. Or 30min of reiki. Great choice for someone who wants not just their body, but also their mind and soul to be uplifted. This energy session is combined with crystals and sound. 

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Simon: 11:30 – 13:30

In the 30-minute reflexology taster session, Simon will explain what reflexology is and how it works and then get you nice and comfortable before showing you some of the techniques that make reflexology such an amazing therapy for general health and wellbeing as well as for specific conditions.

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Jane: 14:00 – 16:00

This a chance for anyone who hasn’t had acupuncture before (or would like acupuncture again!) to experience a simple 30-minute treatment. Get an idea of what it’s all about and find out how acupuncture can help you. Choose between body acupuncture or auricular (ear) acupuncture and relax as you start to unwind and rebalance.

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Donna: 16:00 – 18:00

In a 30-minute session with me, the client can expect a deeper tissue massage and myofascial release for non-acute muscular issues or relieving muscular tension. Benefits include easing discomfort and encouraging a better range of motion in stiff joints.  The massage will be performed on the back, neck and shoulders, or an area/limb of the client’s choice.   This can also be done over the clothes if preferred.

*This event is open to both current and new members. Booking for the therapy sessions is essential. Please only book in if you are sure you will attend your session, we are funding this event so as people can come to experience the sessions and so if you cannot attend – please give as much notice as possible so as another person has the opportunity to take the session.