Surf & Yoga

Surf & Yoga with Shanti Bee

Every fancied having some fun surfing? Sounds intimidating, doesn’t it?

But it’s not – if it’s your first time, unless you choose to go for a dip, you won’t be out deeper that waist level.

The boards we use help you float, and the wetsuits make being in the sea a whole lot easier, if you’re not a weathered cold water swimmer.

We are hosting Saturday morning, Sunday afternoon and Full Moon evening Surf & Yoga sessions on Tynemouth Long sands Beach May – September.

We welcome all levels in the yoga and the surf session is aimed at beginner surfers.

We start with an hour’s yoga on the beach, the yoga is a flowing form of yoga to warm us up, get us present and in our bodies, while cultivating a sense of calm and safety deep within so as we are in our best versions to go get in the sea!

Sat May-0410.30 – 12.30Surf & Yoga with Tammie
Sat May-2510.30 – 12.30Surf & Yoga with Fay
Sat Jun-0810.30 – 12.30Surf & Yoga with Tammie 
Friday Jun-2118:00 – 20:00Full Moon Surf & Yoga with Rosie Mason 
Sat Jun-2210.30 – 12.30Surf & Yoga with Kitty 
Sat Jul-0610.30 – 12.30Surf & Yoga with Stacey
Sat Jul-2010.30 – 12:30Surf & Yoga with Fi
Sun Jul-2118.00 – 20.00Full Moon Surf & Yoga with Rosie Edmunds
Sat Aug-0310.30 – 12.30Surf and Yoga with Fay 
Sun Aug-0413.30 – 14.30Surf & Yoga with Amie 
Sat Aug-1710.30 – 12.30Surf & Yoga with Emma 
Sat Aug-2418:00 – 20:00Full Moon Surf & Yoga with Rosie Mason 
Sat Sep-0710.30 – 12.30Surf and Yoga with Kitty 
Sat Sep-2110.30 – 12.30Surf and Yoga with Amie 

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We welcome all levels to this yoga practice. It will be energetic, as we do need to warm your muscles up, but the teachers will offer you different levels to choose from. They all have years of experience teaching and can’t wait to yoga with you in the elements.

It’s fun, it’s playful, you will get wet and sandy. It might not be the perfect weather, but if we are lucky the sun will shine on us crazy folk!

Being in the water is extremely cleansing, it’s refreshes us ~ like nothing else can.

We provide yoga mats, wetsuits, your surfing board and if you fancy keeping your feet warm as us for wet suit socks. This is all included in the price of £26.50!

We only run these sessions if we have a minimum of 6 people book in. Each session requires three practitioners to make it possible and safe to go ahead, so we hope you appreciate this boundary we have set. The session will go ahead in most weather, unless of course we feel it is unsafe. Sometimes we get a flat day, so we swim, paddle board, and get creative. We go with ~ it’s exactly how it is meant to be.

So please do book up in advance, so as we know how many to expect and can make these all possible.

We close bookings 6pm on the night before each session.

Please also check the day and time you choose when booking on.

Most sessions are Saturday morning, but we have thrown a few Sunday afternoon sessions in for the Sunday crew.

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Please advance book these sessions. 

* We hope to have a minimum of 8 people per session – with so many people involved in making these sessions happen, this is the best way for us to operate. We hope you understand and advance the book.

*Sessions will go ahead in rain – we get wet in the end! If the wind is too high, that’s when they might get cancelled. We would try to cancel the session and let everyone know by 11.30am on the day if it was to be cancelled. Full refund or re-schedule offered. (Another reason to book in advance.)

The workshop includes your surf and yoga teachings, your yoga mat and everything you need to go in the sea (board, wetsuit and if you like booties).

Thank you so much for your interest – we really hope you can join one or more of the sessions we run. Your instructors will meet you at Longsands Surf on the day of your session.

Any questions just let me know on

Unfortunately we cannot reduce the price of the workshop if you bring your own kit, but please do bring your own if you prefer to use it.