What is Reiki?

and what will it do for me….

Reiki is a very gentle technique that supports the natural flow of energy through the body.

With hands on or hands off options available, the practitioner creates a safe space where you can relax and allow your body and mind to do what they need to. Reiki is practiced over clothes and can be done in a seated or lying position depending on your preference. Any problem areas can be focused on, or a general treatment covering all of the main body systems can be given.

People experience reiki differently – you may feel heat or cold, tingling, pulsing, you may see different colours, or you may just feel very relaxed! Reiki is suitable for everyone so come along and give it a try.

Previous reiki clients have said:

• It was blissful – I felt so cared for and relaxed

• It was a really different experience, I preferred it to a massage. I’ll definitely have it again

• I felt so relaxed, it really helped me switch off

• It’s like my head went to a totally different place. Amazing!

• It was quite emotional, but really helpful and it brought some things together and made sense of them.

• Thank you! I’d definitely have reiki again.

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