• A community space in South Heaton offering Holistic Health Activities.


    We offer affordable services because health is wealth and should not be a 'luxury'.


    We also offer customised well-being activities for organisations, groups and a bespoke 'Healing Area' at Lindisfarne Festival.


    Mission statement:

    As a group, we're committed to making alternative health accessible. Providing services to support people at risk of or suffering from mental health illness and social isolation.



  • everyone has the right

    to be happy and healthy...


    Shanti Bee started as a way to support alternative health practitioners in Newcastle Upon Tyne provide their services to local communities.


    Since then we've built links with schools, local authorities, charities, business, health & employment services and universities across the North East.


    As a group, we organise activities with an emphasis on health and well-being:

    • Holistic Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Swedish Massage
    • Reflexology
    • Holistic Facials
    • Aromatherapy Massage
    • Sound and Yoga
    • Indian Head Massage
    • Head and shoulder massage
    • Yoga
    • Kids activities and Youth Group
    We are a Community Interest Company. As a group we are all self-employed. As a CIC, everyone running the organisation is voluntary - therefore - please bare with us if our response is not immediate.
    One day we would like to employ people, at the minute we are putting what we make back into developing our community goals and making things happen. <3
  • Here's How our complementary health therapies work...


    It's simple.


    Treatments are 45 minutes long.

    they are priced on a sliding scale.

    Or to put it another way...


    You pay based on your current circumstances.



    if you feel like you're taking advantage of our good nature,

    don't worry...


    costs on next pages down...



    Our sessions are 45-minutes long, unless otherwise specified - you can choose to book a double treatment, taking two slots (90 minutes).


    Booking is essential for all treatments. 07527728366 or email shantibeeinfo@gmail.com to book.


    Mondays 10.00 - 18.00 with Lorna

    • Holistic Massage
    • Head and Shoulder Massage
    • Reflexology

    Tuesdays 11:00 - 16:00 with Rosie

    • Massage
    • Reflexology

    Wednesdays 10.00 - 18.00 with Sarah

    • Reiki
    • Indian Head Massage
    • Holistic Facials

    Thursday: 10.00 - 7.30pm with Nina

    • Holistic Massage
    • Head and Shoulder Massage
    • Indian Head Massage
    • Holistic Facial
    • Hot Stones Massage
    FRIDAYS: 10.00- 6.00pm with Nina

    'Friends of Shanti Bee'
    Friends of Shanti Bee is an offer for anyone working with a support organisation. If you If you are registered with one of our partner organisations you can access our 30 minute treatments every Friday for £10.

    As part of this scheme you can book in for a Head and Shoulder or Back massage.









    Each session is 45-minutes - double sessions are avaliable.


    For the unemployed, retired, those on longterm leave from work due to illness.


    For key workers, students and those with low income


    If you're employed


    Regular happenings from Shanti Bee

    Monday complementary Health therapies

    @ Shanti Bee 10 - 6pm

    Massage, Reflexology.
    Lorna is Monday Therapist.
    Please see our 'sliding scale' for costs.
    Call 07527728366 to book a treatment.
    All therapies are costed on a sliding scale.


    Monday Free Relaxation sessions at Tyneside Women's Health

    @ Tyneside Womens Health, Byker

    1.45 - 2.45

    Drop in each week or block book with Tyneside Women's Health. You must be a member of TWH.


    Each season Shanti Bee practitioners commit an hour of their practice to offering free relaxation and Yoga sessions at TWH as part of their ongoing Relaxation Schedule which happens every Monday.

    29th October - Yoga with Jerry
    12th November - Relaxation and Yoga with Sally Roach
    19th November - Relaxation Yoga with Sally Roach
    26th November - Yoga with Jerry


    Monday Evening vinyasa yoga with Grace

    Mondays - 7 - 8:30pm @ Shanti Bee

    A mind and body energizing, mixed level Vinyasa Flow yoga class with Grace.

    All levels welcome.

    Suggested rate: £7 drop in. £5 concessions.



    Tuesday complementary Health therapies

    @ Shanti Bee 11 - 4pm

    Massage, Reflexology.
    Rosie is Tuesday Therapist.
    Please see our 'sliding scale' for costs.
    Call 07527728366 to book a treatment.


    Tuesday evening Gentle yoga and sound with holly *class starts 25th sept*

    @ Shanti Bee

    6 - 7.15 every Tuesday

    Holly offers a gentle and relaxing Hatha Flow style Yoga, combined with music, sound and song, and with a focus on enjoyment as the heart of the practice.

    Holly-Maya is a trained musician and is passionate about voice and music as powerful tools to open the heart and balance the nervous system.

    Drop in each week or block book with a Shanti Bee class pass.

    £7/£5 concessions.


    Wednesdays complementary health therapies

    @ Shanti Bee

    10 - 6pm Wednesdays
    Reiki, Indian Head Massage, Holistic Facials.
    Sarah is Therapist.
    Please see our 'sliding scale' for costs.
    Call 07527728366 to book a treatment.
    All therapies are costed on a sliding scale.


    Wednesday evening kundalini yoga

    @ Shanti Bee

    19.00 - 20.00 weekly

    Combining movement, breath, meditation and mantra, this unique and intensely nourishing form of yoga helps to relax the mind, energise the body and awaken the spirit.


    No yoga experience necessary. Mats are provided. Please arrive 10-15 minutes early for class, to allow you time to settle in.

    Drop in each week or block book with a Shanti Bee class pass.

    £7/£6/£5 concessions.

    Thursday Complementary health therapies

    @ Shanti Bee 10 - 7pm

    Massage, Indian Head Massage, Hot Stones, Holistic Facials.
    Nina is Therapist.
    Please see our 'sliding scale' for costs.
    Call 07527728366 to book a treatment.
    All therapies are costed on a sliding scale.

    Thursday Strength in flow yoga with Rosie *class starts 18th October*

    @ Shanti Bee

    5.30 - 6.30 every Thursday

    A challenging Vinyasa Flow class for people who have some yoga experience.

    Drop in each week or block book with a Shanti Bee class pass.

    £7/£5 concession


    THURSDAY Acro Yoga Jam/session

    @ Shanti Bee

    19.00 - 20.30

    Some weeks it's mixed level, others it's aimed at more experienced. Please check the events pages.


    Drop in each week or block book with a Shanti Bee class pass.


    £7/£5 concessions


    FRIDAY: Friends of Shanti Bee

    @ Shanti Bee

    Every Friday as a Friend of Shanti Bee you can book in for a 30 minute Back Massage, Head and Shoulder Massage or Indian Head Massage for just £10.


    To qualify you should be registered as a service user with one of our partner organisations:

    • Tyneside Womens Health
    • Age UK
    • Moving Forward
    • Gateshead Carers
    • Building Futures East
    • Chilli Studios
    • VODA
    • Tyneside MIND
    • NIWE Eating Distress Service
    You can get a membership card direct with the above organisations.

    Booking is essential shantibeeinfo@gmail.com or 07527728366.


    Friday yoga and baby sessions

    10 - 11.30am

    An open space to practice yoga with others parents and their babies.

    Please feel free to arrive early (anytime from about 9am) to settle into the space and feed your child.

    There are mats, toys crafts, a kitchen - all the kit we need to keep little ones happy.

    The session will be an informal lead class with Rosie.

    Babies will cry and parents will (mostly) Yoga.

    £7/£5 concessions


    Friday Chair Yoga with Sally

    Fridays 1.30 - 3pm @ Shanti Bee

    1:30 pm - 3pm every Friday in term time. Please check classes are on as scheduled as these do NOT run in the holidays.
    All welcome.

    Exploring ways of moving and being to bring more ease to our daily lives, with mindful movement & sitting practice, breath & body awareness, deep relaxation, time for sharing & self care in a supportive group.

    Ideal for people with chronic pain & fatigue or poor mobility Quietening our body's stress response and relax our mind and body which turns down the volume on our physical and emotional pain. Lifting our mood and energy.

    This class is ideal for wheel chair users and those who can't get down on the floor.

    £7/ £5 concessions.

    Friday beginners course x 10 weeks with Rosie

    @ Shanti Bee

    4 - 5 Fridays (ran as a course)

    19th October - 21st December

    A ten week Beginners Yoga course with Rosie at Shanti Bee.

    Friday 19th October.

    A session great for those new to Yoga, those those wanting to make sure they are doing the positions they do at home correctly and those wanting to practice at a slower pace.

    All ages and abilities welcome.

    We will practice Salutation Flow Sequences, incorporating Hatha Yoga positions as part of a Vinyasa Yoga routine. Positions you can easily do at home that will instantly create space in your body and stretch those hard to get to areas.

  • Upcoming Workshops at shanti bee

    A list of what we are hosing. Please contact the practitioners directly to book onto these workshops....

    infant massage

    Courses are ongoing scheduled on Thursday afternoons, please enquire for more info and booking.

    The course covers not only massage but also promotes the bonding process, early communication skills, and supporting you to get to know your baby from the beginning.
    We will use techniques from traditional Indian and Swedish massage.

    "I am a qualified instructor with the International Association of Infant Massage and hold over a decade worth of experience working within the early years and education sector. This includes working in nurseries, family centres, providing play sessions, speech and language therapy and family support services.

    Limited spaces, reserve your space today!
    Have a question - get in touch.

    Surf and Yoga

    May - October


    Between May and October every year on Tynemouth Longsands Beach we host Surf and Yoga Workshops.


    We have 26 planned between May - October. You can book in on as many as you like. For each all the equipment you need is provided in the cost of the workshop.


    Equipment includes your yoga mat, a board and a wet suit.


    These sessions are aimed at all levels and so if you're a complete beginner its totally fine - please come along. When you surf you have the option to stay at waist height or go deeper and so don't worry either if your not a great swimmer.
    Its SO MUCH FUN.


    What you need to bring: a towel, bottled water, lots of energy!


    We ask people pay in advance to secure their space. Sessions are £20 per person per workshop.

    If you would like to book on please email us with the dates you have chosen, on shantibeeinfo@gmail.com





    Sept 28th 13.30

    Sept 30th 13.30

    Oct 11th 18.30

    Oct 13th 13.30
    Oct 21st 13.30
    Oct 27th 13.30


  • a Small Team With A Big Vision

    We want to build a community space where health and wellness are foremost and where individuals support each other in personal and emotional development.


    A place where love and respect for ourselves and each other are the guiding principles.

    Rosie Mason

    Director, Therapist/Yoga Teacher

    Rosie has been practicing yoga for over ten years and teaching for seven. Her Yoga studies began in India where she lived for three months studing Hatha Yoga in an Ashram in Varanasi. She has since trained with teahers inclusing Ana Forrest, Anne Marie, Brian Cambell, Jambo Truong, Jason Nemer and Julia Weis.

    Rosie teaches a Vinyasa Flow Yoga and Partner Yoga, incorporating some Acro Yoga moves.

    She is also a therapist, for over five years and practices massage and reflexology.



    Lauren read

    Non-Executive Director

    Deborah Buchan

    Non-Executive Director, Arts & Health Practitioner.

    Cristal gaskin

    Yoga Teacher

    Cristal has practiced yoga for over 15-years and studied for 3-years with The British Wheel of Yoga to become a teacher. She has practiced with some amazing instructors such as Ana Forrest, of Forrest Yoga, David Sye, of Yogabeats, Liz Lark and Uma Dinsmore-Tuli, the pioneer of Womb Yoga, to name a few.

    Cristal is founder of Cristal Yoga, based in Newcastle.

    Claire yvonne austin

    Yoga Teacher

    Claire has been practicing yoga for some years now and chose to take on the journey to learn to teach in 2014. Working as a Therapist in Brixton for over 4yrs she always felt there was something more she had to offer, so took some time to travel and pursue a career in Yoga.
    She spent a week learning with the Himalayan Iyengar Yoga Centre and in Bali, trained at The Yoga barn with Denise Payne, leaving her qualified to work in Vinyasa, Yin Yoga and basic Myo Fascial Release therapy.

    Claire trades as YogaBud and offers services in and around Newcastle.

    Claire runs a session at Lindisfarne Festival with us every year too.


    You can read more about Claire at http://www.yogabud.co/

    Grace Johnson

    Yoga Teacher

    Grace first began practicing Yoga four years ago, and whilst originally the practice started out as a physical challenge, it wasn't long before the overall the benefits of the practice began to impact on Grace's life for the better. After a couple of years of practice attending multiple studios and workshops in the North East and UK, Grace decided she wanted to share her love of yoga with others and embark on a Teacher Training course. Currently completing her 200Hr teacher training in the North East, Grace favours an upbeat vinyasa style flow, which both challenges, yet nurtures the body, mind and soul. Grace will now be teaching the Friday morning yoga sessions at Shanti Bee alongside several of the Surf and Yoga workshops.
    You can read more about Grace on her website here:


    Jasmine Sara

    Yoga Teacher and
    Activities Co-ordinator

    Jasmine first came to yoga ten years ago and at the start of 2017 she traveled around India practicing yoga from Hampi to Mysore before getting stuck into an Astanga Vinyasa Flow yoga teacher training in South Goa where she graduated with a 200 hours certificate.

    Jasmine’s gentle and calming approach holds a safe space for you to come to the mat and flow through your yoga practice. Whether you’re a complete beginner or an experienced yogi, her classes will give you the time & space to reconnect with yourself, relax and nourish your body.

    You can read more about Jasmine here:


    nina taylor


    Nina is a qualified massage therapist and beautician who specialises in holistic therapies. She has had experience working in a luxurious spa and believes that healing begins with the mind and the importance of essential oils and organic products that work from the inside out. As a therapist she tailors each treatment to the specific needs of the client to create a relaxing and comfortable experience.
    "I believe in the importance of looking after yourself and believe that massage is the perfect therapy to promotes this. I like to create a truly relaxing experience that leaves the client with a renewed positive energy and a sense of well being My treatments include: Swedish massage Indian head massage Aromatherapy massage Hot stone massage Deep Tissue Holistic facial with organic essential oil infused products and scalp massage."

    Kate larkin

    Reiki and Mindfulness Practitioner

    Kate founded Natural Wellbeing in January 2015 as she is passionate about emotional wellbeing, believing that we all need support from time to time whether that be through holistic therapies or getting new ideas of ways to take care of ourselves. A fan of nature, she believes in making the most of this positive natural resource.
    Having qualified as a youth worker Kate has worked with children and young people for over ten years before focusing on adult services. During that time her interest in emotional wellbeing has developed and while gaining experience in this area she has also undertaken a wide range of training.
    A qualified practitioner of Reiki, Emotional Freedom Technique and Neuro Linguistic Programming, Kate has also completed a diploma in Mindfulness and has trained in: counselling, health psychology, engaging emotions through play, harnessing the power of thoughts and much more.
    Kate loves to work creatively and is always developing new resources and activities. For more information please visit www.naturalwellbeing.org.uk or like us on facebook www.facebook.com/naturalwellbeing.


    Kundalini Yoga Teacher

    Jerry has been practising yoga for over 4 years and completed her 200HR Kundalini Yoga teacher training in India in 2016. She specialises in teaching with a trauma-informed approach, and is passionate about making yoga available to everyone, regardless of socio-economic background. Jerry offers classes locally in the Newcastle area, trading as Yoga With Jerry.


    You can read more about Jerry here:


    Sally Roach

    Mindfulness Facilitator and Yoga Teacher

    Sally has been teaching Yoga and Meditation for 17 years including 4 years of training in Mindfulness & Compassion and the Mindfulness Association. She is on the UK listing of Mindfulness Teachers and regularly teaches the 8 week Mindfulness and Compassion Courses. She has completed teacher training in various styles of Yoga, most recently Scaraveilli-inspired Yoga with Marc Woolford and Pete Blackaby.

    Sally loves running workshops and retreats weaving Mindfulness and Yoga with themes from the natural world.
    For more information see www.yogaisforlife.co.uk


    Yoga Teacher

    Holly-Maya has been practicing yoga for over 15 years and been teaching for 4. She has completed 350 hours of yoga alliance accredited training with Lorraine Taylor Yoga and others. Her 200hr training was in a soft flowing style inspired by ashtanga vinyasa and tantra; working with divine feminine archetypal energies, movement and voice practices. She has since delved more deeply into yoga of the heart (bhakti) and self enquiry – through advanced teacher training and through her own profound journey with chronic illness. She now offers a gentle and relaxing hatha flow style combined with music, sound and song, and with a focus on enjoyment as the heart of the practice. Holly-Maya is a trained musician and is passionate about voice and music as powerful tools to open the heart and balance the nervous system. She continues to receive ongoing advanced training in voicework, chanting and kirtan (devotional singing) with Yasia Leiserach (www.yasia.org). She has also trained in children and families yoga and enjoys bringing this into her own family and her work as a paediatric speech and language therapist. She trades as Bhakti Flow Yoga Newcastle and can be found on facebook.


    Holistic Therapist

    Lorna Gray is experienced practitioner in aromatherapy, massage and reflexology and is a member of the Federation of Holistic Therapists and is registered with Ascension Aromatherapy Massage and Reflexology.
    Lorna uses wildcrafted essential oils.
    Grown wild, native and organic the oils retain the positive attributes of plants grown in their normal habitat. Lorna is passionate in providing a nurturing and healing experience attuned to raising energy and promoting wellbeing. She has over 15 years working with people with additional needs, including learning disability and autism/Asperger spectrum - those clients have greatly benefited from use of essential oils and massage.

  • our friends

    Organisations in the North East we work with when ever possible.

    We work closely with organisations in and around Newcastle who support individuals experiencing or at risk of mental health illness and social exclusion. If you are an organisation and would like to connect with us please get in touch - we can accomodate a range of well-being needs and can offer your service users discounted and bespoke services. 
    Some of the organisations we are partners with: Tyneside Womens Health, Building Futures East, Age UK, Chilli Studios, 

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    We are based in South Heaton, Newcastle upon Tyne at Charles St Community Centre, Tynemouth Road, NE6 5EP.
    (Just behind the Geoffrey Rhodes NHS Centre)


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