Holistic Therapies with Donna

Holistic Therapies with Donna

I am a Qualified Sports Massage Therapist that offers Remedial Massage Therapy to clients who are experiencing non- acute muscular issues, injuries, physical pain or dealing with daily stresses that manifest physically within the body.  My approach to Remedial Massage is a holistic or ‘whole-picture’ one, and believe in helping my clients to get to the root cause of what is causing them restrictions or discomfort. 

Being lucky enough to begin my career working in a clinic with Thai Massage Therapists,  I offer my clients a remedial and clinical approach infused with some Traditional Thai techniques creating a unique, relaxing and uplifting experience throughout the treatment.  Every treatment I give is bespoke to the needs of my client.

My passion for Remedial Massage began some time ago through my own experience with overcoming injury and illness, so I am a Practitioner that truly ‘walks my own talk’.  


Select your appointment:

(Get to know your therapist with a longer session to start, with 45 minute follow up appointments available thereafter)


(Under-grad students, unemployed, in-receipt of benefits, dependant on a state pension)

60 mins – £30

90 mins – £45

Follow Up

45 mins – £25


Remedial Massage 

A blend of Sports Massage with deep tissue and Thai techniques usually focused on the affected area of the body.  Great for muscular issues, trapped nerves, strains, pain management, stress and tension, injury recovery, range of motion issues and easing the stresses of daily life.

Deep Tissue Massage

A unique blend of Deep Tissue and Thai massage techniques.  Prevents injury, eases pain, tension and knots while offering the client a spa-like experience.  Done on the full body, or the back neck and shoulders. 

Cancer massage therapy 

A beautiful and gentle massage technique that comes Oncology accredited.  For those currently experiencing any form of Cancer or within 1 year of remission, whether they have chosen to undergo treatment or not.   Cancer Massage Therapy can improve chemotherapy induced symptoms, acts as  Prehabilitation for cancer treatment, and eases stress and anxiety.  

If you are currently undergoing treatment, written permission from your Oncology nurse/doctor must be obtained before booking. 

Manual Lymphatic Drainage 

A gentle and relaxing manual therapy focusing on the Lymphatic system, boosting Lymphatic drainage and the expelling of waste products and toxins from the body. 

Great for Pre and Post Operative Swelling and Scarring, Post Cosmetic Surgery, Post Operative Lymph Node Removal (Oncology Accredited), Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/ M.E., Reduces Puffiness of the skin and Water Retention,  Digestive Problems/Bloating

Here’s how our complementary health therapies work…