Zoom Mysore Ashtanga Style Yoga with Louise

Mysore Ashtanga Style Yoga with Louise

Self-practice classes (or Mysore style classes) are where you practise the Ashtanga sequence in your own time, without the teacher leading the class. The practice really becomes internalised and personal – you work through part or all of the sequence, letting your breath set the pace. This means the teacher is able to observe and offer 1:1 help, tailored to the individual. It’s like a private class in a small group setting.

It’s how Ashtanga was traditionally taught, and got it’s name from Mysore, in India, which is often thought of as the home of the Ashtanga yoga we practise today. Traditionally you would learn the sequence bit by bit, starting with just sun salutations and then adding on new poses one at a time.  Part of the beauty of a Mysore class is that it is inclusive of all levels – from absolute beginners just learning a sun salutation, to more advanced practitioners working through the full primary series. Starting and finishing any time within the 90 minute slot, you will just practise up to a point you are comfortable with, and then we can add on new poses when you’re ready