Zoom Kundalini Yoga with Bani

Kundalini Yoga with Bani

Kundalini yoga is the yoga of self empowerment, of self awereness. 

The kundalini is energy, our potential energy, which mostly lies dormant coiled at the base of our spine. By practicing ancient kriyas, paranayam, mudras, meditation and chanting, we can awaken the kundalini which brings us back to our consciousness, to our self empowerment, our self awareness and to the collective consciousness.

It gives us the tools to tap into our creativity, our gratitude, abundance, prosperity, love, joy and to release what no longer services us.

If you have not previously practiced with this teacher, you should let them know of any health concerns you may have. You take these classes at your own risk, so please ensure that you are physically OK to practice the specified type of yoga as the teacher will not be able to see or correct you.