Family Yoga Play with Rosie

Family Yoga Play with Rosie

Monday 15:45-16:45

Join Peggy (age 3 1/2) and Rosie for an hour of post school yoga.  A gentle, but stretchy yoga session involving some mantra, some yoga, some shaking our bodies about. 
The session will feel like a yoga class for adults, but we will involve the wee ones too, if they so choose.

Each session will differ depending on the age mix we have. There will be play areas set up for the crawlers or older kids who want to adventure on their own or sit and draw.

We are limited to 8 spaces and so please book in advance.  All ages welcome. It’s really great for the kids (and the mums/dads) to have a mixed age group, it also adds a lovely dynamic and so if you have a teeny babe in arms or a teen who might want to talk to their friends on their phone, that’s fine! 

Come and join the fun – I will always offer modifications, especially for the postpartum period.