Wider Circles

Community embodies common purpose.

Being part of something, unconditional love, support and connections. It’s more than just a group of people living in one area, it’s a group of people you can lean on, be there for and look to for guidance.

Family, friends, pets and other influences aside, as stripped-back individuals we all share and inherent and universal desire to belong.

Community is in every walk of our lives and as we fade out of one we often fade into another. Those important and varied connections we have as individuals to such a variety of communities, even on a momentary basis is what keeps us all connected and spiraling, in wider circles.

We are all on our own journey. Through increased diverse experiences we can learn so much about each other and ourselves, giving our lives enormous value.

There is no true measure of success, or experience, only a measure of our actions in each moment – which is often a reflection of what we perceive to be ‘right’ though our experiences.

Everything in life should be respected. As the circles we interact in widen, inevitability so do our experiences, our boundaries, our opportunities and the diversity of things we connect to.

Empathy is an emotion that comes largely from experience. As we allow our boundaries to widen, we allow empathy into our hearts. Reaching out to others is energizing and rewarding when we approach it with openness and honest curiosity.

Everything we do touches someone somehow.

Each person you pass on the street is part of your bigger picture. We have a duty to help one another, to encourage one another to live to our ideals.