The Importance Of Intent

Starting your day the right way

Because of a drive to achieve a hundred and one things everyday, like many what I like to call ‘city warriors’, I often fail to give enough time to setting intent.

I love to be busy and so I struggle not to wake up and immediately think of everything I have to do that day.

Reflect on feelings

If, when I wake, I take a few minutes to take in the moment, reflect on any feelings and perhaps set an intent based on those feelings. Without fail these few minutes of mindfulness help me be calmer, more focused and generally a nicer person to be around.

It sounds so simple, and it is. So why when we all know this, do we not allow ourselves this time?

Cultivate action from intent

Setting intent can be daily, weekly or monthly. Its important to allow yourself time to cultivate action from the intent, before rushing to set another.

Setting too many intentions you could end up with them on your to do list. I’ve been there and wouldn’t recommend it.

Reflect on the change you cultivated

Reflecting on change and movement cultivated by intent enables us to see the power we have to create and manifest direction.

Intent is like a guide for your soul. It’s a way of staying bold in your personal path, in your yoga practice or in your bigger life picture. When you meander in your day it can help bring you right on track and can even act as a springboard for ideas and creativity.

Setting intent can create a visualisation in your mind, helping you see the path towards change.

Most importantly it’s a star to sail your ship by.